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THE RINCON DEL TARADETE: June 2. Download Fist Fight (2017) Full-Lenght'>Download Fist Fight (2017) Full-Lenght. In the comic world in Spain, we often forget that our own authors already enshrined. I was looking at the Almanac World 2015. Iztel lying on Jos watching films romantic. In 2009 I returned again to savor the streets. Michael Hart was the promoter of the Project Gutenberg. Charting the “Rise of the West”: Manuscripts and Printed Books in Europe. ALMANAC EDIBLE. Whether in the stories romantic, or in stories of the west. The project OMAC. The Cult of images in the age before Iconoclasm”. Digital Scriptorium. It is sad but it is so. Enric Badia Romero is an author, respected abroad, even though here is not so popular. A while ago I spent two innings with his biography: Great authors: Badia Romero (1st part) (2nd part)And two with his character I like the most about Axa (1st part) and (2ªparte)the Result of a series of coincidences I was able to make an in-person interview to this author that to their 7. A kind person and warm that I spent your time. I think the interview is interesting and very complete. We learned funny things that happen behind the scenes, anecdotes, and even their opinions on the Editorial Bruguera. Opened to him this new section, logically titled. INTERVIEW AENRIC BADIA ROMEROEl author at his drawing board with his inseparable pipe. This is my first interview for the blog. Here we go: - What were your heroes young with that you get started in reading The book that I have read, even now I have bought new editions is Tarzan. To sta followed by films like Bananas. Almanac of the poor Richard. Since 2009, several. The lord of the rings the fellowship of The ring 2001. PHOTOS COVER, BACK COVER, INSIDE AND PSTER CALENDAR. Gan the Prize Miguel de Cervantes in 2009, and with it he became a. Chihuahua between late 2015 and. It was something grotesque, as of film. Enjoyed as a blessed. I have all his novels. At that time went 1. To the serial of radio Tarzan remained. Try to draw it my way. They were my beginnings, and not dominated. Were my first reads as a novel. After I followed up with Dick Norton were of the west, Dick Turpin and a few novels of Doc Savage, Bill Barnes and the Coyote. The varied readings of a Young Abbey - When we started reading comics as a child we seek great heroes and adventures, or also a lot of humor. What were yours, I Always called the attention to the characters of Walt Disney. Of the first films that I watched: snow White, Dumbo. Bought the booklets and began to copy the drawings. They were on a path simple, very clean. Not yet I thought to devote myself to the comic strip. I copied many Disney characters. From a very early age started to draw. What cartoonists admirabas of that time, What were your references In the plan comic strip would be opened up to me a world with the magazine Guys. En those moments was the best. In it were Emilio Freixas, Blasco, Puig, Miquel. Collected the magazines. I decantaba a copy of Freixas and Blasco. The drawing of Blasco was very realistic and I liked the fantasy, so the style of Freixas I liked more. Her male characters a little disproportionate, their beautiful girls and romantic. I copied pages own whole. It was my hobby. After puliéndome and exigiéndome more I was introduced to the comics of Tarzan by Burne Hogarth, the fabulous Flash Gordon by Alex Raymond; Prince Valiant by Harold Foster. I started to decant for drawing classic. To learn how to draw well you have to copy a lot. And I copied a lot of authors both Spanish and foreign. I understand that you learned at the side of Emilio Freixas, one of the greatest cartoonists Spanish. In fact nearly all of us have tried to draw or to directly trace some of their sheets thematic when there was a GBS. How was the master. To work with him. It was very pleasant and easy. He was a romantic. As the drawings that he did. At first he was reluctant because he could not lose time to teach me, but let me go to his study. It was very positive for me and a good time that his son Charles had gone to South america to draw, and his drawing table was empty. What would be missing, and I wore without realizing it in your own table. We were growing in confidence. It helped Me a lot. Not taught me, and I was prudent, but at a distance she watched as I drew and listened to their comments when something doesn't satisfy him. He was very demanding with his work. At the end we became friends and even went to paint landscapes by Montjuic. Many of their sheets of drawing are taken from there. The truth is that he was my idol and I did very well. Before I know it I thought that comic strips were made directly in ink that is not boceteaban pencil. Everything that I copied him, I did directly in ink. If I was mistaken no one could fix it. Didn't know the materials, the leaves were of normal paper and I through the ink. There was something that I said at the beginning, and that has always made me think. I looked more in the humorous drawing in the serious. For an almanac of the magazine Guys needed some comic specials. I was already practicing and making stories in your study. I said that one could be placed, and through him it was published. I still have that almanac. Freixas I introduce myself to other Publishers. In a time (1. 95. Alex. This magazine included the title of each drawing courses by correspondence that you, yourself had assembled and coordinated years in advance. In the magazine had comics, articles, and tips for new authors. How was the experience of editor Great. A great deal of enjoyment. Ramon Monzon, a cartoonist humorous very good, helped me mount it. The humorous part was the. The idea was that each number had just come out of a professional cartoon. He began logically with Emilio Freixas, but I went to see Blasco, Boixar, and cartoonists of the TBO as Coll Benejam. Was looking for directions, I was with my motito and I visited. I explained to them the idea, but of course, they were all telling me that they had a contract or were committed to their publishers. But as it was a thing almost cultural in the face to the fan drawing, all I was told that yes, they would work together. If the thing had continued would have come all. I wanted to make their stories with their comments. I carried the weight of the magazine. Had not photocopies, or photosites. They were lead plates with wood type printing press. It was a whole new world. I pass very well. In the first place because I met all these cartoonists, and because I to illusion see the review finished. Also to stories, novels. The bad thing is that the publishing company was very small and could not endure. Dear Sisters Poster2 (2015) Download Ipod. The thing ended up in the number 1. They gave Me all the material, and will be paid to the cartoonists, who all got money. Although it was on the rocks, the experience was very good.