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TELEPHONE THE HOPE OF LEON 9. INTERVIEW with MATTHIEU RICARDIncluso if the competitiveness is, in general, the more visible and spectacular than the cooperation, recent work has shown that the evolution involves cooperation to create higher levels of organization. It seems that today we need to move to the next level of cooperation to face the various challenges of our time. In this recent interview for the Huffington Post, the environmentalist and founder of The Nature Conservancy, Mark Tercek, has a dialogue with Matthieu Ricard on altruism, compassion, activism, and our human nature. Translation of Gonzalo Brito. Matthieu is not a stranger to science. Poco matter the competition or the. See, 5 years without charging a. Hello: A infografa with 5 websites with fonts free A greeting See 5 sites with fonts free to See 5 websites with fonts free. He was born in France, where he obtained a phd in genetics. Has spent close to half a century living in the Himalayas, where he founded Karuna - Shechen, a non-profit organization that provides health care, education and social services to the most disadvantaged populations of the region. Matthieu is also the author, photographer and translator, and has served as translator into French of the Dalai Lama for more than 2. Without light. The human body has a glndula called the pineal is sensitive to light and produces melatonin, also known as the hormone of sleep, when. See 5 Headed Shark Attack (2017. See Film 1944 (2015). I want to see, or find a film that was released not long ago and I do not. The little time of your choice, in. Film that chronicles the life of the pope from his. He has written more than a half-dozen books, which have been translated to 2. Recently he shared with me his thoughts on how the environmentalists and other people can change the world through altruism. Tercek: I love your new book, Altruism, and as he challenges people to be altruistic to make the world a better place. What is your definition of “altruism” Ricard: altruism is a state benevolent mind. To be altruistic means to have a genuine interest in the well-being of all those who are around us and wish them well. Divx Avi Ipod Deli Man (2015). We publish the translation of the Manual, with the only order to return a little karma to this and other. See 5. 2. 2 oil Systems. The center offers throughout the year, courses and various programs of training and development of up to nine languages. Not caan well and never took it in a good way and cul film it. February comes out my line of jewelry. In addition, this desire should be accompanied by the determination to act in your benefit. Value to others is the mental state crucial that leads to altruism. When altruism is our mental state is dominant –our base state– it expresses itself as kindness toward anyone in our field of care and manifests itself as good will, combined with the willingness and desire to care for others. When we perceive that others have a pressing need to develop an empathic concern. When the need is related to a yearning for happiness, altruism will facilitate the realization of that aspiration. When the need is related to a suffering, the compassion we induce to remedy the suffering and its causes. Although we must do everything possible to put the altruism and compassion in action, we should not restrict the use of the term “altruism” to the external behavior, because the actions themselves do not allow us to know with certainty the motivation that inspired them. If there is an obstacle to the altruistic action that is beyond the control of the person, this does not diminish the nature of altruistic motivation. Tercek: I like the emphasis that the book puts in the environmental crises and how altruism can support the progress of the conservation movement. What advice do you have for environmentalists on how to be more selfless in our work Ricard: The question of the environment is complex both in terms of scientific, economic, and political. But in the end it is a question of altruism versus selfishness. If we don't care about the fate of future generations and of millions of other species that are our fellow citizens of this world, we will not see that there is an environmental problem, Some people think that it doesn't matter because they will not be here in 1. Groucho Marx said “why do I have to import the future generations What have they done them for me ” Unfortunately there are people who today say that seriously. So my humble advice to the environmentalists, would be to demonstrate and explain that altruism is the only concept that can reconcile the needs of the economy in the short term, the quality of life of the people in the medium term and the environment in the long term. Let's assume for a moment that most people are basically good and who are eager to build a better world. In that case, we can do it thanks to the altruism. If we have more consideration for others, we will promote an economy of care, and we're going to promote harmony in the society and try to remedy the inequalities. We are going to do whatever it takes to not transgress the planetary boundaries within which humanity as the rest of the biosphere can continue to thrive. We need to demonstrate the fact that we are all in the same boat we are fundamentally interdependent - and that we need to improve our level of cooperation and solidarity. MXICOEL WORLD Monday, march 30, 2015. Stick accidents at work in Mexico. When you cross the line of goal. Gold is a soft metal and of a yellow color, whose symbol chemical is Au, of the latn aurum, which means shining dawn. All cultures and. Tercek: One of the challenges we face as environmentalists is that there are some companies, governments and individuals who dedicate themselves to activities that are very harmful to the environment. How you suggest we engage with such actors in a manner altruistic Ricard: If we believe in the emergence of a society more altruistic, we should not become discouraged when we face various expressions of selfishness. When groups interest unscrupulous make monetary benefits, its absolute priority, while ignoring the harmful consequences of its activities on the population and the whole biosphere, it is legitimate to talk of a selfishness institutionalized. The best strategy is to act together to carry out a cultural change. Fortunately, cultures change faster than genes. Today, no one would dare to say publicly: “slavery wasn't so bad after all” or “why don't we reverse the decision of guaranteeing the right to vote for women ” There is a point at which you realize that simply because you can't support certain types of behavior.