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Book-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Divx Xvid Eastern Boys Poster (2015). A book (the latĂ­nliber, libri) is a work that is printed, handwritten or painted in a series of sheets of paper, parchment, vellum, or other material, joined by a side (i.e., bound) and protected with covers, also called decks. A book can address on any subject. According to the definition of Unesco,From Confucius onwards (5. C. ) the books became an important instrument of learning, wrote treaties of philosophy, medicine, astronomy and cartography. In the period of the kingdoms combatants (4. C. ) silk was used much as a support for writing. The fabric was lightweight, resistant to wet weather, it absorbed the ink, and gave the text a white background, however it was much more expensive than the bamboo, which is why it is sometimes made a copy in bamboo before being burned in the silk texts are important. The invention of the paper according to the chinese tradition, is attributed to a eunuch of the imperial court named Cai Lin at the 1. C. Using new ingredients (rags, hemp, tree bark and fish nets) created a method of making a paper very similar to what is used today. But the paper took hundreds of years to replace the bamboo and silk, it was not until the end of the II century d. C. that the imperial court used it in significant quantities. This innovation did not spread outside of China until the 6th. C. approximately, and reached Europe through Spain until the TWELFTH century. Download Beyond The Reach (2015) Movie more.